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About Us

Hauling Service

          MAW Salvage, Inc. is a family owned business that has its roots several generations in the past.  The scrap business was started by Mike and Audrey Wolff soon after they purchased the farm off Fosterburg Road with their young sons.  It began with Mike primarily buying scrap farm machinery and steel from auctions just as his grandfather did when Mike was growing up.

          In 1997, a scale was put in to buy scrap from the public.  Also in that year, the first piece of heavy equipment was purchased, a Koehring 666, which was modified to be able to move and load scrap.  In 1998, the first roll off truck and box was purchased which began the business of purchasing scrap metal from local businesses.  In 1999, the first CAT 325 trackhoe with a magnet was added as business continued to grow even through the years that scrap prices hit rock bottom in the late 90's early 2000's.  Everyone in the family worked to keep the business going and growing.

          In 2010, the business was passed to the sons Nathan, Paul and Thomas.  Under their direction, a second yard was opened in East Hardin, IL.  The business was expanded to include on site processing of scrap railcars, tanks, and metal structures.

          Although the business continues to grow and expand it will remain a family passion.

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